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Welcome at Souq, the best place to find and purchase software! Souq is your ideal destination, a one-stop online shop where you will find every type of software. No matter you have a MAC or the PC, we have software for every system. With our huge collection of software, we will meet your needs with the lowest and the best software price. No matter where you live in UAE, Qatar, Dubai, KSA, no need to go anywhere else, buy software programs from us. Find your choice of software for your home or office use.

All kinds of software

Souq deals in all sorts of software. You can search the software by its name, or title. You can also browse by category. It allows you to know various programs in that category and becomes easy for you to choose. You can also search software by price range. You can also search the software by the company name. So, if you like a brand such as Microsoft, all you need is to look for their products and do not waste time on others. All our software are for every version of the OS, no matter you have a 32 bit or the 64-bit system, we have software for it.

We also have a huge collection of web designing software such as Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and much more.

A large collection of OS

At Souq, we have every OS that you may know of. No matter you need the MAC or the Windows, we sell both. We have various versions of Windows such as XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. You can order us also for MAC OS and its various versions.

Accounting software

We also have a huge collection of accounting software. If you have a small business in UAE, Dubai, KSA or Qatar, then you must need to be licensed accounting software. What better place to purchase it than Souq. We have the latest and the best accounting software such as QuickBooks, Zoho Books, Sage, FreshBooks, Zero and many other well-known names.

Office software

We have a collection of various software for office use. We have Microsoft Office, Office 365, we also sell various other spreadsheet software such as the Visicalc, Lotus, Multiplan and many others. We also have a huge list of networking software for the office use.

The antivirus programs

Many people always look for the best antivirus programs and end up buying or downloading a fake program which then harms the system. Get the antivirus from us and make sure that your PC stays safe from the harmful threats. We have the most reliable, the latest and the best antivirus programs. You can search from our site and get the antivirus from AVG, Norton, McAfee, etc.

If you are looking to download the software directly, you are at the correct place. We at Souq offer the best deals in software. Our software price is also affordable. We offer various discounts that you may not get anywhere else. We believe in offering the top quality software programs only.

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